HPS supply Hymac Spares, Hymac parts, Hymac excavators & other Hymac spare parts.

Hymac is where it started for HPS, and 35 years later we still stock and supply parts for these Hymac range.
The most popular Hymac excavator is the famous HYMAC 580C. The 580C was sold worldwide in 1000's, and even today there are still many machines still working.

A brief history of HYMAC

Hymac first came into the UK from the USA in the 1960's from Hy-Hoe. When Hy-Hoe went out of business Hymac in the UK took over the manufacturing rights and started building the Hymac 580 in South Wales. The brand has been known as HYMAC and HY-MAC. Over it's lifetime, Hymac has been owned by a variety of manufacturers, including NEI and IBH.
Hymac thrived as the foremost producer of hydraulic excavators in the world, and extended the range of machines. Throughout the 1960's and 1970's Hymac dominated the market. It's demise came in the early 1990's. Having taking on board the latest technology too late, and relying on the 580C and it's very similar successor, the Hymac 580D, Hymac could not withstand the UK recession of the early 1990's.

The simplicity of the Hymac design has meant that it has been easy to maintain, and Hymac spares are still available.

The Hymac 12 tonne range of machinery includes the 580, 580B, 580BT, 580CT, and 580D.
As well as these, other models included the Hymac 410,590, 590C, 595, 596, 610, 690, 690C, 880, 880C, 890, 1080 and 1290. Later machine were the 450, and 450ELC (Hanomag), then the 121, 121B, 121C, 141, 141B, 141C, 161, W161, 181, 181B, 201, 251, and then the Synchron 1301 and 1501.

Hymac also ventured into the JCB 3C style machine, with the 370, 370C and 570 and 570C.

Latterly Hymac also produced a mini digger, but sold very few of these "badged" machines.

We can supply parts for all Hymac excavators, including new Hymac parts, reconditioned Hymac parts, and used Hymac parts.

If you need technical help on repairing your Hymac, or advise on Hymac spare parts, please give us a call. 

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